Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Update and New Sponsor

Since my last update I've had a wee break, freshened up the body then got back to work starting the form building phase for the next goals of the season. After a solid month of training I now feel ready to go and can't wait for the next few races in Australia, Taiwan and Japan.

First up is the Oceania Champs in Canberra where I'll line up for the 40km individual time trial on March 14. Straight after the TT I fly out with my Genesys team for the Tour of Taiwan which is a 6 day tour starting on March 18.

Then back to New Zealand for a week, pack the bags and head across the Tasman for the Tour of Perth (April 11-14), Tour of Borneo (April 26-30), two rounds of the Aussie National Road Series in early May and Tour of Japan (May 20-27). June will hopefully be another short break before building up for the end of season racing.

When in New Zealand my time is split between Christchurch and Wellington with my Genesys team flying me across the Tasman and into Asia for the various races on the calendar. While I enjoy Christchurch you can't beat Wellington for the variety in training. Favourite loops include Makara, Moonshine, Aka's, Bays... there's always something different to stimulate the mind and legs. Some might say I'm biased being a Wellington boy, but it really is a cycling paradise on a good day!

On another note I'm super excited to announce a new personal sponsor, CeramicSpeed. You might not of heard of CeramicSpeed as they are based in Denmark, but these guys produce the finest ceramic bearings in the business.

Both of my Avanti road bikes and time trial bike will be fully equipped with CeramicSpeed bottom brackets, bearings for the Zipp 808, 404 and 900 disc wheels and pulley wheels on all three bikes.

CeramicSpeed bearings will help me to ride faster using less energy, yes! Their ceramic bearings have been tested to save 6 to 9 watts over standard steel bearings when used in hubs, pulley wheels and bottom bracket giving me an edge over my competition.

CeramicSpeed bearings are available in New Zealand through Armstrong Sport's retail network and in Australia through Monza Imports retail network.

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