Friday, August 24, 2012

The Haps

Current location Ocean Grove just out side of Geelong which for most of
you is about 2 hours south of Melbourne.
How I got here is anyones guess but ill try and re live a few moments
during the last month to bring everyone back up to speed.

In the beginning there was a bike rider (me) back from Canada not too
long ago, set with the challenge of three-ish weeks to build back up to
battle strength to carry the PBR ring (jersey) around Australia in the
Scody Cup series.  So I got into my work as you do - pretty much by
making every second count with being on the bike in all conditions
ranging from the heat of the fire to the cold hard truth of the
southerlies.  Winter training at best builds the motor and fuels the
fire to quickly make a return to the battle grounds in the warmth of
summer months.

As it turns out the weather in Aussie for the 1st tour we raced was so
much below par that I was thinking I had skipped back a few months to
the middle of winter in Christchurch - But time travel is impossible and
the winter grip still has the south coast of Aussie well and truly
trapped by cold offshore winds and rain!  
Based in our holiday house myself and the other battle harden men; well
some still boys and one or two sick little babies,  set about building
our steads for the upcoming rounds of battle - 9 rounds over 5 days
ranging from 30km to 105k.  

Least to say we came to battle with six and the big tribes came with
eight warriors,  After the second battle we had four fine warriors each
take a hit to the body resulting in 1 KO blow, another 80% strike and
the other two down 20% health,  Two steads came to rest that day -  a
sad ending to what could have been a winning move after setting up our
sprint train,  The battle we now faced was far different from initially
taking on the other tribes to holding them at bay and not letting them
steam roll us out of the race for good.  

Fighting to survive is never the best way of racing but it had to be
done in this case and with the two tribes of 8 who both had leaders
fighting to be king - no one was able to break free and they kept it a
pretty personal battle throughout the rest of the rounds. 
During the course of the week we lost Taylor who could not regain the
80% he lost on the 1st stage and kept leaking gas till he was KO outa
the race,  Finally a warrior from a random C grade tribe landed a blow
on Jimmy ending his battle after putting up some good fights in that
morning's stage.  

What I learnt from this tour is the Aussies are super hungry for their
local races and that I'll need to bring my end game up another 10% to be
able to get hungry enough to eat them alive in the Murry River tour. 

As for now its time to get back to every second counts and get out on
the stead in this winter weather and start getting hungry for the action
to start again at the end of this month.  

Thanks for reading

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