Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hanging In canada

Sitting here after a long few weeks of travel, training and racing I've
finally got the chance to take a day off unwind and recover from a
taxing past month. 

                                   View overlooking the bay nice wee spot for recovery 

After leaving New Zealand in June with Pure Black Racing we headed off
to Oakville (Toronto) which would be our base location for the first
part of the trip which included the very tough Tour of Beauce which was
in Quebec.   This was to be six epic days of riding on roads that just seemed to go
on and on in one direction up and down up and down with no flat what so
ever to be seen!    This made for some very interesting racing which I
would love to go back and do again with a bit more form in the legs, for
myself the tour was about fighting each day to make it to the end which
is never the best way to enter a tour. 

                                          Broken units after a long hard day in the rain 

                                          Feeding the pain to myself during the ITT

After the tour was done and dusted we headed back from Quebec to
Oakville.   Just an easy 9 hour drive  which is pretty normal for people over here -
insane for me - we spent the next two and a half weeks there training
and building back up and making sure we get set for the second half of
the year.  Weather ranged from 18 overnight to anywhere up to 38 during the day
which made for a nice summer and made getting out and riding easy.
After finding the good places to go riding we were pretty much spoilt
for choices and it was great to be able to just head off in any

                                      Boys knocking up a coffee stop during our travels 

                                                             View out over the Lake

                                       Getting our feed on after a long day on the roads

                                                   Even time for a bit of sight seeing 

On to the second phase 

After packing up in Oakville we began our trip back towards New Zealand
but first we stopped over in Vancouver for BC Super Week which is a
series of crits and road races over ten days.

                                                             Hanging in the bunch 

                                                               Hanging in bunch 2 

I'm not too much of a speedy crit rider so have to admit I was a bit nervous of the task at hand!  Hour long races held over 1km courses - these are races that the more you can do the better you will get, by the end of the week I was slowly getting up to speed and being able to take part in the races as opposed to just hanging in the wheels trying to catch my breath. 

Turning my self inside out to get off the front 

Holding on for some solo time 

                                                               Recovery drink time

The first real highlight for me during this time was capping off the
10th day with a 2nd place in the hilly road race, the course had more up
than flat and was crazy hard - the pace was on from the get go and
didn't let up until the very end so I was pleased with where I ended up.

                                                            Standing on the podium
                                                               Chucking down an attack
                                                                  last guys standing
                                                          Going solo for a wee bit

As my time almost comes to an end here in Canada I get to spend the last
week enjoying the good weather without the pressure of having to kill
myself out training before stepping back into the racing again in
Australia in August  

                                                  Never not a good time for a Coffee!


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