Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Training Camp

Well it's been two weeks since the finish of the Tour of Langkawi and a lot has happened during this period so I'll give you a quick rundown of the high's and some small lows we have had on our rollercoaster ride of Malaysia.

Straight after the tour ended we packed up our bags and piled into our transport (two vans and a car) for the trip back down the island to KL. Thinking this would be a nice 5 hour trip quickly passed as 5 turned into 6 then 7 before we finally made it to the first highlight – The One World Hotel... man oh man was this hotel the bees knees it was nek level stuff! With the added attraction of being attached to one of KL's bigger shopping complexes (Big Mall).

The following day was a blast and a nice way to unwind from the tour. Explored the shopping centre, knocked up some ten pin bowling (not quite that good at bowling as cycling, but getting better, well Roman seemed to think I could become better anyway). After that the details of the afternoon / next morning get a bit blurry, but I'm sure we had a good blow out! It's good to get that out of the system leading into a 3 week training camp where the focus will be solely on The Tour of Thailand starting on April 1st.

From KL central we started our training camp which included another packing up mission and re loading of vans / cars to head off up to Ipoh, just two hours up the main highway. Highlights from the first week were:

- Getting windows for the last few days of our stay in the hotel – what a pleasant surprise that was after not having one! Knocking up some very solid training rides with the rest of the boys, especially Cameron Highlands – had an epic battle with Jimmy up to the summit for the KOM title.

- Finding a food hall place with 100's of different menu options for a very very cheap price. Dumplings were great and POH which is a steamed bun with some sort of meat gravy inside it is also very good. Every rice or noodle dish you could ever imagine... even the local food stalls on the side of the road are great – the taste over here is just like nothing you can get back home in NZ.

From what I've seen the Malaysian people as a whole are great, very friendly and they go out of their way to make sure you enjoy the food experience.

Back to the story... after our time in Ipoh came to an end we did the big packing mission again heading on the highway back past KL and through to Semenyih. Another great location for the next few weeks training. Being based at a house is really great as you get to know all the team much better and become more of a tighter unit by hanging out, sharing stories, watching TV together in the lounge and so forth.

Anyway back to some boring stuff... we went out and found some Cat 3 climbs that we rode in the Tour of Langkawi and so we have been riding in and around these for the best part of a week now including a few loops down to the local beach which is really nice.

The heat and humidity are still getting to me which I'm hoping is the same for everyone! Once you leave the comfort of an air conditioned room it's a sweat bath! You soon start looking for the next air con stop while out riding.. pretty hard to ride for more than 2 hours between drinks stops.

Right, off to find some more spicy delicious Malaysian food.

Thanks for reading.


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Ant Thomson said...

Dude your making me hungry with all this talk about food!
Sounds like your having a sweet time though, keep going hard!