Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tour of Langkawi

Hot times

First thing that comes to mind here in Malaysia is the word hot! The tropical heat is something else, although we have all settled into things fairly quickly and the team are now in full on tour racing mode.

Couldn't of asked for a better start with 6th place in the opening stage one 20km TT. There's one major climbing stage, the day to Genting Highlands, which I'm super amped up for. At 10 stages long and some big teams here it's a different level of competitive racing, but one I'm really enjoying.

PureBlack Racing team have been great with all their support. Big thanks to Sam Bewley for navigating me around the bunch all day yesterday.

Sorry about the short update, but the daily routine is now pretty much confined to wake, eat, race, eat, nap, eat, sleep! Will have more in-depth reports later on.

Thanks for reading.


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