Wednesday, November 30, 2011

LeMond Revolution Trainer Review

LeMond Revolution

Have been rolling on the LeMond Revolution trainer for my indoor sessions of late. Finding it's a great wee trainer for quality structured indoor training. With our 'variable' weather I find that I still knock out one or two rides a week indoors even in the peak of summer.

Was using the BT Erg in the past which is a good machine, but big and clunky to move around and store away when not in use. The LeMond is smaller in comparison and while not quite as much resistance at low RPM it provides plenty of resistance with the progressive load of the fan unit as speed increases.

Another nice feature is that the trainer carries momentum whenever you ease off on the pedals exactly as you would on the road providing more realistic feel than any other trainer I've used. This gives the Revolution the edge in simulating real world conditions and training load so that my muscles are stressed in much the same way as when I'm on the road. This equals more benefits in less time and more time spent relaxing and recovering – my favourite past time.

The Power Pilot interface is the business too. The big screen clearly displays your power, speed, heart rate, cadence, distance etc so it's easy to see what numbers your hitting when going deep into the hurt box during interval sessions.

I give the LeMond Revolution (on the JC rating scale of 1 - 10) a 9. Boom! Check out the Armstrong Sport dealer page for your nearest stockist.

Trainer inc cassette = RRP $995
Trainer, Cassette & Power Pilot = RRP $1,560


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