Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Building a Solid frame

So its been awhile since my last post on here,  Since then i've been slowly building up my body frame to get all round added strength and bring some of the weaker muscle groups back up to speed and even waking some up for a long sleep - Some times this is a pain full process but you soon recover and get back into it.

Loving the challenge, its a refreshing change to get into the gym and do off the bike work resulting in more energy while out on the bike.

The lightest of weights, while thinking this should be easy, nothing could be further that the truth they hurt just as much as heavy ones. Big thanks to Mike at Mint health and fitness for making the sessions fun and easy to follow during the days I solo it.

Check them out here at Mint.

And then finish up with a Coffee at Pure Espresso.

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