Sunday, August 21, 2011

Big Training day

The sun was out so made the most of the good weather as i know in a weeks time i'll be back to winter-ish conditions. Headed out with a crazy idea of trying to fit in 300km - slightly impossible. Knocked out a quick 75km loop on rolling roads some of which I won't be riding on again so just trying to take in al the sights for one last time.  Lots of Corn and hay bails is the bulk of what i managed to ride past for the most part.

So after the first part of the ride I headed home to have some lunch, and re-fill the bottles. Leaving the house came around far too quickly... next thing I knew I was riding 30km to the the race. Allowed two hours to ride there and number up and a rest before the gun went off. Straight into a 110km hammer fest,  its fair to say as the race went on I started to feel less and less punchy. Managed to hold on in the main bunch and get a good work out in.

Ride home was not so fun as i was hoping for a tailwind, but instead had a headwind and a cracked body = slowish plod. Epic day.


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