Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Le Ponthou

Following a good weeks training and the added special present of Kristin arriving from New Zealand to spend a few weeks with me in France,  A long awaited holiday before she heads over to the UK for two weeks of full on work "just nice to be away from shaky Christchurch" as she says....

Righto,  So on Sunday the 26th June was Circuit du Viaduc - Le Ponthou.  An interesting race to say the least 13laps on a 9.5km loop sounds easy but far from it.  The start/finish is located on the climb, only 700meters but at over 12% the whole way. The telling factor on the day was the heat,  semi heat wave,  as it was well into the 30 degrees all race and well into the night!!

The race followed a pretty simple format,  attack and be at the front or wait and hang at the back and your race was over. This was made clear after the 1st climb as the felid was in bits and pieces, 12 riders away after 1st lap and with many of the other riders just simply pulling the pin and ending their race with it being almost impossible to bridge back up on the small windy roads after the climb,  like they say "Out of sight out of mind"

This group rode a few laps at a nice steady tempo only lifting the speed at the MG (KOM) primes and the sprint ace lines, I managed to get amongst a few of these.7 laps down and up the climb the pace was on and the break split, by the top the gaps had opened and it was down to 6 I managed to somehow hold on in there.  This new break rode round until the 3rd to last time up the hill, which is where I launched a solid attack. One rider followed and we worked semi well together I tried a few times till I was at a stand still to get rid of him in the kick to the line my legs just didn't have it and gave way to cramps.

So at the end of the day I walked away semi happy with the 2nd place and the MG points winner,  I can only think if i didn't waste energy on this ( MG) maybe I would have had a better go at the win,  Live and learn and know for next time.

Racing again on Tuesday night hopefully I can get 100% recovered following this last race in the heat!