Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MG (KOM) in Tro Div Ster – Day One

Over the weekend 14th-15th May was the Tro Div Ster tour,  going into the tour i wasn't feeling to great form wise with a heavy training week in the legs – with having my targets further down the line. The team was amped to get into the race and just try and go for everything on offer, as it played out i made the 1st break of 6, which stay away for 80km, along the way i picked up the two MG climbs. Heading into the five finishing laps the break got brought back, that's when the next move went clear. To my disgust the rest of the team didn't feel the need to follow or be in the move, crazy!!

After a bit the team jumped on the front to limit the damage, I got the order of trying to recharge my energy  and jump across later which I thought was mad after 80km in the break and would have been easier for one of them to have been in the move that went. 20km later the break was still out there at 20 odd seconds, coming into the last lap it was down to one team mate and me on the front, once he ran out of gas I just had to hit it, which I did, launching myself forward across the gap. Spent about 7 minutes on the red line just getting across with 3kms to go.

Was thinking ok now I can work on going for the slight up hill sprint finish, picked out the right wheel to follow...  as he hit it for the line I followed suit and a second later I was sitting back down spinning air as my chain had broken. Shit luck, they gave me the last riders time in the break which was 10 seconds.

Only thing that made the day better was being able to pull on the KOM leaders jersey.



cycliste35 said...

Good luck Joseph !!!

I hope you'll become a professional - you are very strong and impressive racing in Brittany

your blog is very nice - good road to you and full of victories

cycliste35 said...

your jersey for best climber is justified - you were very impressive in the climbers!