Monday, April 4, 2011

Exciting week

Good old monday morning has rolled round again,  the day of rest for me,  and a good time to get on top of all the stuff i've let build up over the past week,  its so nice to be able to sit back and relax and think about the pass week,  and reflect on how it went in order to make the following week better,

Last week was pretty full on,  I had the Fleche Armor tour 26-27 of march,  which went to plan, 2nd place in TT followed up with 2nd in the final road stage,  along the way taking points in climbs and sprints,  finishing the tour with overall, climbing and sprint jerseys,

Next race followed pretty quickly on the wednesday,  GP SUPER U, 140km round about taking in a tough course,  The rain set in at 30km,  the temp dropped and the pace went on all at the same time,  lucky i was sitting near the front as the bunch spilt into small groups and the cross wind kicked up,  from then on the moment you stopped pushing you where dropped,  coming into the final finishing loops, it was down to four,  myself and 3 French riders,  i got worked over as they where all friends,  managed to roll 3rd after having to chase all the moves,  an all right result,  was just happy to get out of the cold an into warm clothes after!!

The final race for the week came on sunday,  Coulainaise 164km,  long day left at 8am for 4 hour drive,
during the 1st 2 hours of race my legs where heavy and slow,  Im putting this feeling down to sitting in the car for so long,  wasn't feeling good at all,  we managed to put a rider in the early break which took the pressure off trying to make and follow moves,  which gave time to shake the heavy feeling out,  The profile of the race was either up or down,  taxing on the legs, Coming into the finishing loops the break was about to be caught,  and i was about to set about getting into my work,  boom counter attacked up a small rise just after break was caught,  8 riders jumped across to me,  we set into a good tempo,  smashing it to get a good lead,  this move held on for 3 laps, before getting caught on the final, once caught the pace slowed ,  and i turned on the power again and launched,  one followed,  knowing there was 5km to go i just went full noise,  and well the rest now is history,  stayed in front of the bunch and rolled 2nd,  semi happy but should have pulled out the win,  NEXT TIME

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