Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Training Ride

Today the sun came out! So went and thad a good look at the roads around my new house for the next weeks... I hope. 1 hour 40 mins took me from Saint-Segal - Pleyben - Pont - Cobpant - Chateaupin - Port Launay and back to Saint-Segal which is a super nice small town population under 100 people. This area is just north of the bigger city of Quimper.

With highs into the low 10s for the rest of the week I have a couple of four hour days planned to get out and check out more of the country side, along with some tempo riding for good measure.

Won't go into too much detail about the first three weeks, let just say it wasn't fun! Heaps of stress and a good learning curve... week one, bike less. Week two bike came... race-race-train-race-train-race-sick-sick-sick. Week three the doctor said you're really sick so take 3 days off, which ended up being a week. So I'm now slowly building back up from a long time off the bike. Felt like a winter break!

Thanks for reading, JC.

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Anonymous said...

Ca grimpe par là ! ...;-))