Thursday, March 24, 2011

Saint Segal

Well what can i say about this place,  its MINT AS! The roads are mint for training on in every direction possible from flat to rolling to semi short hill climbs,  cars what cars - i don't think on a single ride i've  had over 100 pass me,  where as in Wellington that could be reached in just 10kms of riding north/south.

The Botrel Family has made me very right at home,  they are Great,  they look after me very well, after the ruff few weeks i had at the beginning  this more that makes up for it.  Fresh bread every morning with home made jams washed down with Caffe L'affare coffee which is running low, no stress tho as i have a few bags being sent over!! SWEET.  Lunch and dinners are a mix of rice or pasta with a range of different side dishes each meal, YUMMY!  Thursday night has to be the best , fresh fish from the market which gets caught on the day,  I help out with loading and unloading the dish washer, :).

 The enjoyment of training has come back,  and the form seems to be back on the upward curve which is nice, The next few weeks races im going to aim to keep the powder dry for longer during the beginning stages and then hopefully light it up near the end.  Looking forward to building on my 5th place last weekend and can feel something big is just around the bend.

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