Monday, August 30, 2010

Rest Day

A day off the bike today, yes! It's been a while since I've had a free day to catch up on everything – sleep, cleaning, were the two main goals. Rain is always a plus as you don't feel bad sitting inside as you'd want to be out riding if it was sunny and hot.

At the moment I'm still down in Christchurch. Training the past few weeks has been great, legs are feeling in the same shape as this time last year when I managed to win my 1st overseas tour. Heading back to New Cali for another shot in two weeks.

I raced the Benchmark race called the hell of the south which includes gravel roads. Team mate James won this and I made it into the top ten (9th).

Following weekend I was up north for the Auckland 1000 race, team mate got a very good 3rd and I rounded out the day with a solid 6th place.

This past weekend was got my first local Christchurch race, the Waikari Classic. I started off in scratch 40 min behind the limit bunch. Had some speedy race wheels from team mate Ian Smallman – these made all the difference, felt like I had energy to burn, might have been the coffees I had been drinking all morning though. 3 laps in I took off with Paul and we kept the hammer down for the last lap missing out on catching the front by 90 seconds. Rolled in for 2nd. Happy with that and the resulting hammer session, all good for the form.

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