Monday, June 14, 2010

Powerco Queens Birthday Tour

As winter rolls round so does the Powerco Queens Birthday Tour which is run over 3 days of soild racing,

A good way to kick start winter and a good time to say good bye to summer,

I set off on Thrusday afternoon, with Kristin as my cycling wag for
the weekend, after a hour long massage in the am followed by a quick
spin to lossen the legs back out,
packed all the bikes into the car, was like a puzzle fitting it all
into the boot, sets of wheels followed by more sets of wheels,
food cant forget the food, then theres the all important coffee and
stove top! cant go away with out this!! is a need not a want.

later that night arrived into Wanganui, was a good idea to break up
the trip into two drives of around 2 1/2 hours
makes it easyer on the body, had a great nights sleep, Friday
rolled around had a sleep in and then headed off from
Wanganui the rest of the way Up to New Plymouth, blue sky and no
clouds and i still cant belive i didnt take out the camera
to get a stunning shot of the MT as i drove past it, ( epic fail ) ,
at the accomaditon for the next 3 days i set about unpacking
and building back up the bikes, then it was time to take the TT bike
out which i hadnt ridden since coming 2nd in a tt in new cal last

Had got some super fast wheels to use from Ben Cospy a local
wellington rider that also like me likes to race against the clock!

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