Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Monday 7th June was run out of Lepperton Hall in Lepperton it was a rather bad day and had been gale force winds all night and it didn’t stop raining, the event organisers had to take out 10km of racing due to the risk of high winds taking riders out, for me this was good - 10km less that I had to defend for. This made it an 80 odd km stage - it still wasn’t going to be easy my legs where tired as from the last few days, I kitted back up and got on the leaders jersey I think it adds 10% motivation to race well.

A typical stage once again with the KOM still up for grabs the bunch was kept together by the people interested in this, in the final 30km pretty much flat run back around to the finish I had to shut down a few moves from other riders high on GC. After a few attempts at getting away I think they knew it was unlikely that they would be able to get rid of me so it calmed down and finished in a bunch kick.

Sweet as I had managed to turn around a lean start to the year (as some people were saying) with taking out a 3 day tour which is also a good build up to China where I’m aiming to be at the very top of the game, I came to this tour as an 18 year old and got hammered, I had set the goal of coming back and winning it one day - 5 years later and my second attempt I had it in the bag - cross that off the list!

Thanks to Kristin for doing all the work in and around the races, feeding and making sure I was warm and had plenty of time to relax while everything was taken care of.

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