Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nationals Hit Out in the Bay - Day 1

Quest Apartments, Napier
Rolling out of Wellington on Thursday morning I was thinking how nice it was to get away from the wind and cloud that has been hanging round for the past few weeks. Escaping back into the summer weather for a final fling before winter well and truly sets in was mighty appealing.

After a quick trip to the dentist for a root canal, then off to the Immigrant's Son coffee roastery to pick up some fresh beans for the trip, I was on my way. Quickly headed for the main road and set my sights on getting up to the Bay in time to watch the end of the time trial events.

Arrived just in the nick of time to see Brent Backhouse fly in to the finish, a member of the Meo GP team. A good ride for 5th, well done, something to work with for next years event.

Packed up and set off into the heart of Napier to the Quest apartments, where we based ourselves for the 4 days. A great base as it was close to everything we needed, cafes and restaurants that did some ok coffee. As I hadn't raced or been for a ride I decided to cook up a storm for Backy and myself.

What a meal, venison mince, pasta, mushrooms, mmm... have to say I came up with the goods on this meal, which could have gone either way... good or bad!

Day two story up tomorrow. JC.

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Laura said...

Nice Joe - any chance you could share some of your culinary skill with the fam? hehehehehe