Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nationals Hit Out in the Bay - Day 4 finale

The last lap of six, 24km to go... how would this unfold? Had I left enough in the tank? Was I cunning enough to out-fox Gordy?

Through the crosswind section for the last time we were taking turn for turn. There couldn't be any easing up as we had to make sure no one came up from behind. Received my last bidon through the feed zone from Backy and he raced back to the finish in his car.

Through the rollers and a few attacks from Gordy, never getting too far away I managed to keep covering his moves. And then I did the unthinkable... never take a faster finisher to the line with you!

Gordon & Joe's Sprint

Put all my effort in the spint and came up short, 2nd. That's bike racing, mistakes yes, but lesson learned. Happy walking away with another 2nd after a lean start to 2010 season, can only get better from here.

Thanks for following the story, stay tuned for a wrap up of the next Benchmark race (round 3), before winter well and truly sets in and the build up for China starts in earnest.


Senior Race Podium

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