Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nationals Hit Out in the Bay - Day 3

Bang Bang and the door flings open, 7:15am... early start. Jono is standing there in shock that we had slept in and hadn't prepared the promised stovetop coffee for him as planned the night before. Epic fail for us, his words were, "oh you jizzlopers, I can't belive this, unbelivable." I jump out of bed quickly, prepping the stove top as fast as I can, but it's all too late... Jono was off and on his way to a cafe down the road before heading out to the Masters 3 race, his first ever nationals. 87km, 3 laps, starting at 9am, a fitting way to end his first year as a racing roadie.

The sweet smell of coffee was now drifting around the room, so with out wanting the brew to be wasted I started my day. Still had one more recovery day before the senior event on Sunday morning. Another drawn out breakfast, and Backy saying, "I could get used to this lifestyle." His Masters 1 race was starting at noon so he had the morning to mill around, filling up drink bottles, cleaning his bike one last time and geting into race mode. Backy's been on fire at the last couple of Wellington club races and was fired up for a ride, my pick for the day. Another round of good lucks, rip their legs off and I was out the door to meet up with team mate Nick (Grover) for a pleasant 2 hour spin down to Havelock North and back.

Once back I received news that Jono had finished in 14th place, happy with his first nationals under the belt. Pre race day so some stretching and then a quick afternoon nap. Was woken by a txt that Backy and another PNP club member (Dave Rowlands) had 1 lap to go with a 2min 30sec buffer. Looked unlikely that they would be caught and was looking to be a 2up sprint finish. A bit more time reading mags and drifting back off to sleep, news came through that Backy was just pipped on the line to take a well earned 2nd, not bad and no doubt he'll be hungry to go one step further next year.

Topped off the day with a trip down to Havelock North for dinner at a Tapa's restaurant with another member of the Meo GP, Glenno and his wife Rebbeca. A great night, heaps of tasty and different food to be sampled... duck, pork belly, squid, breads, blue cheese, prawns and great company. Back to Napier and in dream land by 11pm to get a good 7 hours in before my race. Stay tuned for the ups and downs of the senior road race. 174km, 6 laps, its going to be extreme!

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