Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wellington Cup Series – Miramar Loop

The weather forecasters were proven wrong on Sunday and I sure wasn't complaining. The day dawned clear with plenty of sunshine and a light southerly breeze for the first round of the Wellington Cup, perfect conditions for racing.

I was looking forward to testing out the climbing legs over the course of 6 laps around the Miramar circuit. The course features short power climbs including the slighty longer Awa Rd climb. It's a tough 12km loop as you can't really relax anywhere... you're either going uphill, downhill or nailing it on the flat.

Only eight A grade riders so there was going to be no where to hide and sitting on wouldn't be easy either. Sure enough the few of us that kept the pace high ended up dropping those hanging on – after lap 4 we were down to four riders. Me, Andy Hagen, Dave Rowlands and Brent Backhouse (Backy). 

Legs were feeling good and a gap would open to the other guys at the top of Awa Rd nearly every lap. But on the short technical descent which comes out at Seatoun Yacht Club I was always caught at the bottom or soon thereafter. 

We were all together with 3km to go and that's when the cat and mouse tactics started. No one was interested in riding at the front with their nose in the wind, so we were down to a crawl at times. Coming into the last 700m or so I was second wheel, Andy on the front, with Dave and Backy behind me.

Then with 350m or so to go Backy wound it up from the back, jumped hard and gapped us to take the win. Dave rolled me for 2nd and Andy was 4th. To top it off Craig Loveridge took out B grade, so a good day out for the Meo GP boys.

The race was a good test for me after a few heavy weeks of training and everything looks to be on target. All I need now is some races with longer hills to really test out my limits. 

A solid 4 hours out under the sun today including a few extra hills on the ways home to really make me feel tired. The couch is looking good for this arvo!

Looking foward to the next hit out in a week or so. Until then, JC.

Full results and some photos on the PNP website.

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