Saturday, February 27, 2010

An update... finally

Well it's been a long time between updates on here so I'm going to give a run down on what's been going on over the last couple of months...

After a solid winter at home training for New Cali and winning the tour overall I felt on top of the world. Oh how quickly things can go downhill. And with out really knowing why, days were turning into weeks and then into months of lackluster training and performance on the bike. From the giddy heights to being on the bottom of the heap can happen just like that.

I struggled my way through the Tour of Southland, had a bad crash on stage one and didn't recover from that properly for a few months, then headed off to China and struggled there everyday over the 10 days of racing.

Back home again and it was time for Taupo and another fail to add to the fast growing list of bad races, how much longer could this go on I was thinking to myself?

Had a week off the bike to refresh mentally after Taupo and then found I needed a few more weeks of cruising to get myself out of the deep hole I was in... I look back now and think if only I had a proper break from the bike straight after the New Cali tour instead of riding on and on.

I now realise that I was cooked after that tour, but I didn't pick up on the signs my body was trying to tell me. Like instead of going for some fruit I was going for the bag of chips and ice cream! For days I was loading my body up on the good tasting but really bad food groups.

The disappointment with myself after the Elite Road Nationals sparked some life back into me. Finally I was ready to turn back on and start focusing again. None of this junk food and not having enough time, I have all the time in the world!

So I set some goals and the hunger started to come back. Mapped out a long term training program, and with the help of the Meo GP bunch rides to break up the hours of solitary training it has re-motivated me again. The GP boys are always keen to put the acid on me in training and help get me fired up to take on the bigger races coming up.

So I'm really looking forward to getting back into the racing groove with my Subway Avanti team mates after being on the side lines watching. First target is Le Race in Christchurch and all going well should be there competing for a high finish. Can't wait!

Aside from cycling, I've taken on painting a house, which has helped with the bills and keeps me off the couch watching TV or looking in the pantry cupboard for snacks.

That's it for now, buy stay tuned for more regular updates as the racing kicks off for me again.


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