Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Cali

Well, I'm back in Wellington and have had a bit of time to reflect on winning the overall at the Tour of New Cali. So much was going on over the last few days of the race... the win didn't really sink in until I got back home.

I'm stoked! But there's a whole lot of people that helped me get over that finish line... a huge thanks to all of you, including my team Subway Avanti, mum & dad, Bruce Christie, Capital Cycles, the Meo GP boys and everyone around me at the Tour.

There's a whole bunch of photo's from the Tour, which I'll post on flickr as I get time and some video's from the tour can be found over on YouTube.

A post race interview by Backy can be found over on roadcycling.co.nz too. There's also an article on stuff.co.nz here.

Plenty more racing on the horizon so no chance to relax for too long... I'm re-focusing for the upcoming Club Nationals, Tour of Southland and the Tour of Hainan.

Good times.


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