Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Between Times

I’ve let a few weeks slide by, so have finally decided to put some words down for the fans out there. :) After the Graperide and the 4th round of the Benchmark tour I had a few weeks off doing different things, a few one hour rides and lots of going out and into Wellytown to drink some units.

During this two week period I picked up my former lifestyle as a painter and went to work helping Bruce get his new Subway up and running out in Tawa. It was pretty sweet getting to do something different, it was a rather nice refreshing change. First up we hung all the wallpaper in the joint. This was a new thing for me but was pretty simple. By the end of it we were flying with putting each section up. Lunch was the favourite time of day with slacking off my cycling diet. I went out and got a couple of pies and a donut most lunch times and washed it down with an ice cold can of coke for a buck at the dairy across the road!!

A few days before the coffee machine was installed (and the shop opened) we downed our paint brushes and went to work testing out who could make the best coffee. This went on for a few hours and then a couple of days later the 1kg bag of beans was almost gone. Pretty impressive. No wonder I didn’t managed to sleep for a few days after!

After this experience I have new found respect for everyone that fits in training and working 8 hour days to boot. I was so stuffed after each day that even thinking about riding was not an option. I just wanted to put the feet up and go to sleep. It’s a massive shock to the system standing most of the day when you’re not used to it. I’m looking forward to my next few weeks when another Subway is going to be opened in Silverstream.

I managed to fit in 4 days of solid riding before heading south for the most recent round of the Benchmark Homes tour number 5. I wasn’t really expecting too much from myself but that’s no reason to hold back, so I just went about the race as I would any other race I had been at all year. After the 10km neutral, I still felt a bit cold so attacked from the gun. The bunch was single file for a wee bit as I warmed up for the first couple of kms. After that I dropped back to the comms cars and gave them my thermal jersey. Not long after, I got rid of the arm-warmers and gloves. And after a few more attacks went, and it started to slow a bit.  I put in a little effort and slowly rolled off the front after a pull, and to my surprise I was off on a lone mission. A warm-up rider came across and then went back again a little bit after.  I then set to work building up a gap. At one point it was 1 min 20 seconds. I think I spent about 35- 40 km just out the front chilling and waiting for the bunch to catch me. They took their time about it. When it was shut down there was about 25 left in the chasing bunch. I guess it hurt a lot to ride across. The Subway boys had the armchair ride across with all 5 making it and all feeling pretty fresh.

That was my big effort of the day. It sucked most of the fuel outta the tank. I managed to get up and tag a few moves that went off the front. In all I’m pretty happy with how I rode after a little time off the bike, and looks good for the bigger races to come. It’s good that I’m not riding like a crazy man and waiting till nearer the end to take off. There is a lot of training to be done in the next few months; rain, hail, snow, wind. I’ll most likely be riding. I feel there is a big stage race win waiting with my name on it.

Till then keeping it real,


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