Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wellington ITT Champs

Today I lined up for the Wellington Centre ITT champs, held out in Whitemans Valley, Upper Hutt. Almost perfect TT weather – a light southerly breeze blowing up through the valley with a slight chill in the air. And for effect, fog floating through the valley as I went about my early morning TT warmup routine.
On the wind trainer for 30mins, working up a decent amount of sweat and progressively lifting the heart rate up to TT threshold type effort. Jumped off the trainer with 10 minutes up my sleeve until I had to be on the start line. Just enough time to down a power gel, pop on the aero helmet and test the gears on my Avanti Chrono TT machine.
3, 2, 1... and off I go, putting the power down and building up the speed as high as possible on the dead, bumpy roads around Whitemans Valley. Quickly back into the saddle and focus on chasing the riders that started at 1 minute intervals before me. 

Starting last in a time trial is always a good thing, as the riders in front of you act as carrots spurring you on to catch and pass them, and if you're lucky leave them in your wake as you go past!
10km in we reach the first of the two 180 degree turn around points. Hitting the brakes late I zipped around the cone and out of the saddle to get back up to race speed. The next 20km is rolling to flat with a headwind, so I just kept it ticking over without going too deep, focusing on keeping my breathing steady. 
Into the last turn, I was thinking this is nice, I've nearly ridden through the field, only the final 10km to go and it's a tailwind, great! Opened up the legs to full speed, managing to hold over 50km/h on the run home. Passed a few more riders and hit the finish line with a time of 53:01. Really happy with the ride, good signs for me.
Tonight I'm hitting my sisters 21st and having a few units to get in the mood, before a 7.25am flight out of Wellington for the 3rd round of the Benchmark Homes Tour in Christchurch tomorrow morning. Good times.

PS. Check out Kirky putting my Avanti TT rig through it's paces. Like the aero helmet Kirkster!

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