Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mid week TT #2

The mid-week TT rolled around again with near perfect conditions - a light southerly fading away to a near still evening. Was this the night that I could crack the magic 30 minute mark?

The course headed straight up the Hutt motorway (SH2) and turned in just before Haywards. On the approach back to the start/finish there is a bumpy off-camber corner that's tricky if you get your line wrong. And that's exactly what I did - turned in with the wrong line and had to jam on the brakes to avoid hitting the cones marking off the edge of the highway. Doh!

Pulled out a 7:20 first lap so thought that if I could keep the rhythm going over the 3 remaining laps, I'd still be on for a good time. Each lap was consistently around the 7:30 mark, but frustratingly I was still losing precious seconds at the bottom turn. Looking down at my speedo on the upward and downward legs of the course I was hovering around the 50km/h mark, tapped out. 

Improved on my time from two weeks ago by 3 seconds, finishing in 30:32. To get under 30 minutes I will have to practice riding the bottom turn and hope for similar conditions over the next couple of weeks.

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