Monday, January 12, 2009

Vineyards Wrap Up

Heading into the last stage, I was only 47 seconds down on the leader and once team mate Yates, and only a hand-full of seconds back from 2nd and 3rd places on GC. That was after yesterdays stage which finished up Takaka hill, the longest climb raced in the country. Takaka hill sorts out the men from the boys for sure. 

Team plan was to go all out in hope that we could distance myself from the others, and work on getting time back. Attack after attack and then some more attacking riding was going to be the order of the day for the fast street circuit of approximately 50km. After trying more times than I can count, the race was over and came together for a bunch kick.  

Reflecting on the tour at the post race barbeque, I was happy with the outcome and couldn't say I would of done anything too much differently during the race. It was encouraging that all the good training from December was starting to show through and hopefully it will lead to some more top results in the weeks to come.

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