Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nationals Time Trial

New time trial bike arrived on the Monday, 4 days before the nationals ITT. Was always going to be a push to get it up and going, but the team at Capital Cycles were very helpful. They put everything down and devoted all morning to setting the new rig up and making sure it was running sweetly. Big thanks to Mark, and Paul for letting Mark put his other jobs on hold to look after me. Also thanks to Craig Loveridge for the super fast deep section front wheel – it pimped out my ride, and Backy for sourcing the wheel out. Also Steve Chapman for the use of his rear tri spoke.
Two rides on the rig and it was flying, was feeling pretty good riding it. I knew something special might be in the making, and then the worst thing that could happen, happened. Day of ITT I found out that the seat needed to be put back 1cm to be 5cm behind the bottom bracket. We quickly adjusted the seat and re-tightened the seat post bolts. Did the usual warm up, which consists of 30 minutes on the wind trainer with some efforts to get the heart rate up and blood flowing. Knocked back some caffeinated power gels, wiped off the sweat and rolled down to the start house. 
Get the call. 2 mins to go... starting to get really amped up for this one effort of 40km. Plan to ride around 85% (threshold pace) trying to reach 99% for maybe the last couple of kilometers. 10, 9, 8,7... heart is racing now... 6, 5, 4, reset the speedo, 3, 2, 1... launch myself down the start ramp and pick up speed around the slight up hill bend. Settle into TT position, drop down a few gears and pedal like crazy.

Feeling super strong, charging over the first couple of bumps on the road, and then... I lost my seat. Fu......ck!!! 

At this point I felt like throwing my bike into the bushes. What a let down, and I was up on time at that stage of the eventual silver medalist, Robin Reid. It took a long time to regain control, as I was yelling and cursing at my bike. That night I couldn't really face being around others with the huge disappointment of it all getting to me. Only 365 days until I can have another crack at getting it right.  

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