Thursday, June 20, 2013

Winter Update

Well its been awhile since i last wrote on here .  Will give a quick overview on the racing side of things of the ups and some of the downs.  I last left off during tour of Perth , i managed to hold on over the two remaining stages and take out the tour and the NRS leaders jersey which i would wear into the following round of the NRS  ( National Road Series)

Onwards to round two of the NRS Battle of the boarder ,  and the big question for me was could i hold onto the lead or would i let it slip through my fingers .

Well I didn't quite do the job or retaining the overall lead,  But I'm happy it swapped over to my Huon Genesys team mate who won the 1st stage and the tour to boot .  Not all bad for me managed to pump out another Time Trail win in the NZ champs Skin suit which i wear with pride .

As this was a double header we packed up and headed more north to Toowoomba another 4 day 5stage tour - another good chance to show what NZ champs skin suit can do with a teams time trail on the 3rd stage which i was eyeing up.

A very happy team after a very good start to the NRS could not have hoped for better.
Im taking a wee break over June but will be back in July with some form updates as i build back up for the second half of the year.  Need a big one to reach the goals i have set myself .  Aim high miss low,
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take so ill be doing everything to come out in August rip roaring flying in my quest .

Thanks for reading


Tour of Toowoomba TTT